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Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop

Friday, February 26, 2010
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Networking Reception: 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Merriweather Library
1324 Jefferson Avenue (at E. Utica) | Buffalo, New York 14208

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop – Flyer (pdf)


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Several weeks ago a number of homeless outreach workers as well as individuals from the community braved sub-zero nights to inform homeless people on the street of warming shelters that they had worked with the mayor to open up. Joy Tedeschi helped organize this effort and we had the chance to interview her about her experiences those nights as well as what she and the WNY Coalition for the Homeless are doing to get plans in place for future cold weather emergencies.

Interview with Joy Tedeschi on the late-night cold weather outreach efforts from Jan 14-16.

Who came with you to do the outreach?

A number of agencies and community volunteers came with us to be a part of the night outreach teams. Individuals from the Matt Urban Center, Lake Shore outreach workers, Crisis Services Outreach workers, V.A. Homeless Outreach team, Dale Zuchlewski (two nights) of City Hall, Hispanic United Supervisor of Supportive Housing, CEO of Catholic Charities, Disciples from the City Mission program, two professors and two students of the UB Masters of Social Work Program, Gerard Place Case Manager and a number of other individuals from the community.

What areas did you go to?

We covered all of the downtown area parks, viaducts, bus stations (both the train and bus stations), Old Train Terminal, MLK Park, Chippewa Area. We covered much of the city, both the East and West Sides, especially the first night as we had four teams. Thursday we had three teams and Friday we had one team. Each night we ended at the Harbor House.

What did you offer to the homeless individuals you encountered?

We offered transportation to the warming centers, or if they declined, blankets and warm clothing.

What was the response like from the homeless individuals you interacted with? Were they receptive? Did they identify any other needs that night?

The ones whom we were able to engage were receptive and accepted our help. There were a few who wished to be left alone. However, a huge part of the population that was missed are the squatters. Due to safety concerns, we did not enter abandoned buildings. One reason a plan should be established is so these squatters can be made aware of the warming centers. The other identified need was what would happen when the warming centers close.

What was your interaction with the city government like? Were they receptive to what you were doing?

We were happy to hear the warming centers would be opened. Unfortunately, it took members of the Coalition advocating for it to happen. Why did it take advocating and why did it take so long for the centers to be opened? We hear on the news how animals need to be brought inside to be sheltered from cold, yet human beings are left to fend for themselves. When we had power outages the centers were opened up for those with powerless homes, yet it took advocating to open up the warming centers for those who do not even have homes. Are those who are able to afford homes and pay utilities seen as more worthy to help? I don’t believe our elected officials think this way, but that is the perception of those who are most vulnerable. The reality is, those who are homeless are not much different than those who are “housed.” As HAWNY reported in 2008, the primary reasons for homelessness are Family problems, mental illness, substance abuse and job loss. These issues occur at every income level; the difference is the social, emotional and financial support networks an individual has.

What kind of plans (if any) did they have in place for very cold nights like those?

None that I am aware of.

Will they be doing anything different in the future?

Yes, we are working to establish an emergency plan with the city and county officials, along with the Red Cross and a number of other agencies.

What plans are you developing for the future?

Our plan will include designated warming centers to be opened at a bench marked temperature. Outreach workers will assist in transporting clients to the warming centers and engage them to ensure when the centers close that they have a plan for shelter (if they wish for assistance). Most importantly, no one will be left to “survive” the deadly temperatures on their own.

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The Homeless Alliance will be having its Annual Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, December 11th at noon at Pearl St. Grill and Brewery in Downtown Buffalo. The cost is $25/person.

Our guest speaker will be Margaret Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief of the Buffalo News.

A copy of our e-vite is below.  Please respond by December 3rd.

2008 Annual Luncheon Invite (pdf)

The Homeless Alliance each year recognizes an exceptional individual  and an organization who have shown dedicating and committment to the cause of ending homelessness in WNY with the Killian Vetter Individual Acheivement Award and the Monsignor Henry Gugino Organizational Award. If you would like to nominate an individual or organization for either of these awards, please fill out the below form and e-mail it to decicco [at] wnyhomeless [dot] org.

2008 Annual Luncheon Award Nominatino Form (pdf)

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Late last night we recieved an e-mail from our friend Aaron Bartley at PUSH.  It was a good reminder of the dance party being held tonight to benefit the Partnership for the Public Good and Massachusettes Avenue Project.  It should be a great time and its only 5 bucks to get in!  We hope to see you there!

This was Aaron’s e-mail.

Dear Friends –

The first Movement Party jumps off tomorrow night (Friday) at 8 PM, and what a party it promises to be. Here’s why you should be there:

1. We’ve got the best DJ’s in Buffalo. If you like real hip-hop music, rooted in the best of the jazz-soul-funk tradition, then Cutler and LoPro are your people. They’ve proven they can get a crowd moving without sacrificing their creativity and originality.

2. You’ll be joining the fight for social justice in our city. The proceeds go to the Partnership for the Public Good–a network of community-based groups working on issues like poverty and the urban environment–as well as Massachusetts Avenue Project, which teaches urban youth about the fruits of urban farming and the beauty of eating local. What better setting than Langston Hughes for a movement party. PPG affiliated groups include Ujima Theater, ReUse, the WNY Homeless Alliance, Buffalo First, PUSH, CEJ and MAP.

3. There will be crumpers and b-boys on the scene to lead the way.

4. There will be a puppet parade led by Buffalo’s creative collective (Kyla Kegler, Pat Cain, Gabe Guttierez) at some point in the night.

5. Russell Pascatore, a leading light on the local poetry scene, will bless us with an ode to the absurdities of late-late capitalism. No better way to respond to the financial crisis than with a prayer by Russell.

6. We will DANCE and Flying Bison will flow.

“The Movement”
Friday, October 3rd, 8 PM
Langston Hughes Institute
25 High Street, near Main and High
$5 at the door
This is a 21+ event

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Philip Mangano, Executive Director of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness, came to Buffalo on Tuesday to give a keynote speech at the Ending Homelessness symposium sponsored by the WNY Coalition for the Homeless and the Homeless Alliance. The Buffalo News reports behind the jump. (more…)

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The Homeless Alliance and the WNY Coalition for the Homeless, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is proud to present a day-long symposium entitled Ending Homelessness.

The symposium will take place on Tuesday, Sept 16th. from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Our Keynote Speaker is Philip F. Mangano, Executive Director, United States Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Breakout session topics will include
– homeless supportive services
– homeless housing funding
– accessing mainstream benefits
– implementing Housing First models
– preventing foreclosure
– grassroots economic development

This symposium is for executive directors, program directors, case managers, community advocates, policy makers, homeless housing and service providers, human service providers, homeless outreach workers, and community and faith-based organizations.

The symposium will take place at the Hyatt-Regency in Buffalo. Cost will be $45/person. Invitation and Registration Form will follow. Any inquiries should be directed to Irene Pijuan at 847-0655 x264.

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